Caddie Store


Customized Solutions. Our specialized Caddie teams manage original and unique projects, customized according to your needs. These projects are entrusted to us by our clients or by architectural rms Whatever their origin, they are optimized by our engineering and design department, materialized in our ultramodern factories and installed by our specialized teams. We use the latest generation materials and put all our know-how to work for a high-end nish.


Caddie® proposes to create efficient shopping environments that comfortably welcome your customers. We aim to ensure that consumers live their shopping experience in the best possible conditions. To offer you a choice solution that makes a difference, Caddie® is always rethinking its product range to meet your needs. A design that your customers will notice, great modularity and simpli ed operating mechanisms represent the foundations of our welcoming solution, bringing you true added value. To create your entrance you can choose from automatic or mechanical gates.